If you are unable to visit us – we are coming to your home! Specialized hospital and surgical treatment in Anlave clinic follows complete diagnostics that can be done in your home:

  • Surgical review
  • Internist with ECG
  • Neuro
  • Neurological
  • Physical
  • Dermatovenereological
  • Laboratory analysis, …
  • As well as the treatment of: infusion, inhalation, injection, catheter, retention enemas, …


ANLAVE ambulance comes at any time of day or night, to you or your loved ones in any part of the city or the state. Our doctors will examine the patient and transported him by ambulance to the clinic ANLAVE or other medical facility for further diagnosis.

After recovery, the patient is in an ambulance can be converted to the desired address. Of course we are able to provide further care and treatment of our patients.