Anlave medical team is qualified for medical security of sporting, cultural, musical and other events with a large number of participants.

ANLAVE cares about the health of the participants and the audience to:

  • International football matches
  • Basketball games
  • Volleyball match
  • Kickboxing competitions
  • Rowing competitions
  • Karting and rally racing
  • Racing cyclists Disabled
  • Triathlon
  • Sports competitions of children with disabilities
  • Concerts and events at Usce, Pionir, Belgrade Fair, Tasha …
  • Securing New Year’s Eve (Zdravko Colic, Ceca, Duran Duran, The Prodigy, David Morales …)
  • Security celebrations, parties and other gatherings organized by the firm or individual

By now we were organizers of health services in 8 international and 12 European championships. The ANLAVE Clinic consists of eminent doctors, technicians  and experienced drivers for occasions as such.
Every injured person is provided with first aid on site, in the Clinic and more serious cases are being transported by our ambulances to other medical centers/hospitals.