Personal data:
– Born in Belgrade, Serbia Nov 20th 1951.

– Marital status: Married, three children.

– His wife, Dr. Veroslava Ivanovic, is the specialist children’s and preventive dentistry, daughter, Dr. Andjelka, the specialist in internal medicine, son Lazar, graduate sport manager  and the son Veljko is the student on the Faculty of Medicine. All are employed full-time at the clinic ANLAVE.


Professional history:

– Graduated from Belgrade Medical School 1977.
– Specialized surgery on Second Surgical Clinic of State University Clinical Center in Belgrade 1982 with excellent grade as the youngest specialist of surgery in the country at that time.
– Achieved the title of Primarius in Belgrade 1996.
– Worked as a surgeon in University Clinical Center and Clinical Center Zemun 1982-1992, departments of vascular surgery.

Additional education:
– Karolinska institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
– Institute for Clinical and experimental medicine, Praha, Czech Republic.
– A.V. Vishnevsky Institute, Moscow, Russia.
– Clinic Waynem, New Jersey, USA.

– The author of 34 published reports in the country and abroad.
– The member of the Board of Surgical department of Serbian Medical Association.
– The president and the owner of first Private Clinic in former Yugoslavia, Clinic ANLAVE, which was founded in 1991.


Professional work


Prim.dr Slobodan Ivanovic, a surgeon, was the organizer:

-Meeting Surgeons of Serbia with international participation, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 21 – 22 November 1998, the Inter Continental Hotel in Belgrade.

There were 400 participants and guests from abroad were:

-Akademik Anatoly Pokrovsky, Visnjevski Institute, Moscow, Russia.

-Prof. Jesper Svedenburg, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

-Prof. Giovanni Miskuzi, Surgical Clinic of the University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

-Meeting Surgeons of Serbia with international participation, Belgrade, Hotel Intercontinental

“Belgrade”, September 29, 2006.

At this meeting there were 550 participants, and it is one of the most popular surgical section in the last 10 years. Guests from abroad were:

-Akademik Anatoly Pokrovsky, Visnjevski Institute, Moscow, Russia.

-Prof. Dieter Raithel, Nuremberg, Germany.

Dr. John Kangrgas, University of Washington, St. Louis, USA.

Clinic Anlave has a cooperation agreement with the Military – Medical Academy in Belgrade.

Clinic Anlave is presented in the country and abroad 16 international works, including the following:

-Urgent transport of patients with multi-point violations.

Authors: S. Ivanovic, D. Pavlovic, A. Ivanovic, Z. Ilinčić.

This paper was presented at the VII European Congress of traumatology, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14-17. May 2006.

-25 Years experience in emergency transport of patients polytraumatised

Authors: Ivanović S., M. Rankovic, Ivanovic A. Donfrid B. Djordjevic D., Z. Ilinčić

This paper was presented at the Third Mediterranean Congress of emergency medicine, held in Nice, France 1 – on 5 September 2005th